Mitch here, Senior Pastor of Dalby Presbyterian

Just a few days ago I spoke to you about the changes to our church life together. And, since then, the changes have continued.

But here’s what hasn’t – We will as a church family continue to be about following Jesus who calls us together to grow and go reach the world.

We are centred on Jesus. Jesus is Lord. Of all things, including Covid-19. This is our first pandemic, but not his.

Knowing Jesus should give us calm in changing times.

And, We can still be together, if not in person, we have the technology to do so.

As most of you will know by now we can’t meet in our building on Sundays for these 3 reasons:

  1. Non-essential indoor gatherings have been limited to less than 100 and there is no way for us to guarantee that.
  2. Even then we are required  allow 4sqm per person.
  3. The authorities are trying to tell us to do what we can to stem the spread of covid-19 by avoiding gathering as much as we can.

We want to love our neighbour and help the authorities by following these wishes.

So our live stream services will be 9am every Sunday. Just go to our website – and everything you need is there on the front page.

Our live stream services will be available shortly after they are over to watch again online.

But, we encourage you to join in live. Knowing that we are unified, listening, praying, responding together.

Over the coming weeks we’ll be working on ways to interact with each other using technology.
And if you’re watching this video, or our live stream, you and I are the ones who must reach out to help those who need help with technology.

We’ll also be working on ways to help youth, kids and older adults to keep growing and going in this time.

Over this weekend our Elders and Growth group leaders have been working to contact as many people as we can. You can be part of it by reaching out to others to talk to them about church and how they’re responding to our challenging times.

We need to pray.

Pray for our leaders across the globe, the nation and in churches. This is a remarkably hard time to lead. Many decisions are not black and white and many decisions are made with information we don’t have access to. Pray for our leaders.
Pray that we would use this opportunity to realise we are not in control, we never have been. Pray that people would turn to the God who controls death, and who has defeated it in Christ.
Christians, we are the people who say ‘where o death is you victory, where o death is your sting’

Here are some words I read today on the

This is the church’s moment to shine. We stand at the beginning of a crisis. Even if we don’t know exactly how bad this will be, we certainly know that fear is more viral than any virus.
We must remind ourselves that we have nothing to fear.
Not because we wish fear away.
Because we drive it out – by acting in love.
Love is what replaces fear, and love is always outward—love to God and love to our neighbours.
So we must walk into this storm. We must know that we have been equipped, by faith in Jesus, to have the tools we need to do it.

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