Kids Church

When we meet during normal church services Kids Church happens at all three.

Our wonderful leaders are all from Dalby Presbyterian and want to see the kids following Jesus, growing up and going to reach the world. We follow a strict child safety system known as Presafe.

At each service primary aged kids will begin in the main building and leave to go out to kids church just before the Bible talk. They can be picked up straight after.Early Church (8:15am) kids start in church and leave for Kids Church part way through the service.

Safety at Kids Church

To help families settle quickly into church, we ask you to complete a permission form. To ensure the safety of your children, we need to be made aware of any food allergies as we often use food during the program or have morning tea together. We would love for you to complete the permission form online by clicking here.  If you need help completing the form make sure you ask us. We are happy to help!

Child Protection Policy
Dalby Presbyterian, as part of the wider Presbyterian Church of Queensland, has a clear Child Protection Policy. We have adopted the ChildSafe System that applies to the recruitment, training, and process management of all those who work with children in the church. This includes a mandatory reporting policy for all disclosures of abuse.
The church complies with the requirements of the Blue Card System and all those working with children in the church have a current ‘working with children Blue Card’. If you need to apply for an Blue Card (including an exemption or confirmation), please fill out the attached form and return to the office.
All those working with children in the Dalby Presbyterian Church must also complete ChildSafe Training as part of our process to keep young people safe. If you have any questions about our Code of Conduct or other Child Protection processes please contact us.