Joining in on our live stream Sundays is the first way most people begin to get connected to life with Jesus at Dalby Presbyterian. But, because following Jesus is an all of life affair, there are other ways you can be part of what God is doing. Follow us on facebook to stay up to date.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are small groups that meet weekly in people’s homes. This are the main way that people build friendships and live out their faith together as disciples of Jesus at Dalby Presbyterian.

Growth Groups usually have about 6-10 people in them. We normally read the Bible, pray, eat together and encourage each other to share our faith. If you’re interested in finding out more then contact us.


“I love doing life with a group of people who support and encourage one another to live like Jesus. I know I can be real about my struggles and connect with people who are also honest about theirs. We genuinely love and care for each other and want to see our community love Jesus.”


“Growth group helps grow meaningful relationships as we think about how the gospel impacts our lives together. It’s also a great practical support through life’s ups and downs.”

Community Groups

Community groups are all about making sure you’re in touch with someone from Dalby Presbyterian. Being in touch is just what most of us need at this time.
They’re groups of a about ten, but the main thing you need to know is that someone will be in touch with you over the phone about once a fortnight. If you’re interested in finding out more then contact us.


MOPS stands for Mothers of Pre-schoolers. Our MOPS group is a safe and accepting place where mums of young children can make friends, enjoy time out from the kiddos, have morning tea and meaningful adult conversation, and share the joys and challenges of mothering. Dalby MOPS is for mothers of children under school age and meets fortnightly during school terms.


“MOPS is such a great way to meet other mums. I always look forward to MOPS mornings.”


“MOPS has been a safe place to come when I’ve felt vulnerable and emotional. It is extremely supportive.”

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