Be Careful

Deuteronomy week 2

Have you ever been chosen to do an important job?  Maybe by someone important?

As we get into Deuteronomy 4,  Moses wants to remind the people of Israel of how blessed they are.  That they have been chosen by God, and that He has shown them grace and favour unlike any other nation.

 God is truly with Israel, rescuing them and setting them apart to be His people.  And so because of this, they need to be really careful to be faithful to God.  To be different, carefully seeking to do things God’s way, and carefully watching their own hearts as they enter a foreign land.


Read the passage – Deuteronomy 4:1-40

What stood out to you?

1.    Have a look at the opening and closing verses of this section (v1 & V40).  What does Moses tell Israel to do, and for what reason?


2.   Have a look at v6b-8, and v32-39.   What do we find out about why the people of God aren’t like the other nations?


3.   Four times in this passage, Moses urges Israel to “be careful” (v6, v9, v15, & v23).  What reasons does he give for this carefulness?


4.   From v15-28, what is the danger for people who aren’t careful?  What hope does V29-31 offer?




Read Ephesians 5:3-6, & 15-17

1.   In what ways do Christians need to be careful as we follow Jesus?  How does Jesus help us with that?


2.   Are there areas in your life that you’re not being careful?  Have you let idols creep in and take the place of God (money, social media, sex)?