Hearts Inclined Toward Obedience

Deuteronomy week 3

How important is it to be obedient to God’s law?  Very important?  A little important?  Not important at all? 

In Deuteronomy 5, Moses revisits the 10 commandments, to remind Israel of the terms of the covenant God had made with them – the way He had called them to live as His chosen people.  God wanted Israel to live life his way, out of love and devotion to Him.  To have their hearts inclined to fear (or have holy reverence for) him, so much so that they would be obedient to the commandments.  And it seems like this obedience wasn’t just about following the rules – it was actually about making life in God’s world better!

But keeping the laws has proven to be impossible for Israel.  They need God’s help.

So how should we think about God’s law as followers of Jesus?  How does Jesus change things, and how does he help us live life God’s way today?

Read the passage – Deuteronomy 5:1-32

1.   What purpose do the commandments serve for the nation of Israel?

2.   In V29, & 32-33, what is God’s desire for His people?

3.   Do you think it is possible to keep the commandments without God’s help?

4.   Have a quick look at Deuteronomy 30:1-6  What do we find out about God’s plans to do something about Israel’s disobedient hearts?

Read Matthew 5:17 & 28:16-20

Jesus says that he has perfectly fulfilled the requirements of God’s law.  And he calls his followers to now obey his commands primarily, as we respond to the salvation we have through him.

1.   What would it look like to obey everything Jesus has commanded? (See Matt 5, Matt 22:34-40, John 13:34 for some examples). How does Jesus help us do this?

2.   What are some ways you find joy in being obedient to Jesus as you follow him?