What are your Next Steps?


an introduction

Join a small group of others like you who want to use this time to find out more about Jesus.

This is a FREE 3 night course taking 90min/night over 3 Mondays. It starts again in November 15th Term 3  2021.

You can register your interest here:

What we do

We’re glad you’ve decided to think about next steps with  Jesus. Everything we do is about him. We sing, pray, listen to the Bible and spend some time together as God’s people.  See below how to be part of what Jesus is doing through us. Or follow us on facebook for the latest info.

Next Steps for Adults

Join a Growth Group to meet online weekly, or be joined to a Community Group to have someone stay in touch fortnightly.

Next Steps with Youth

We’ve also got stuff happening for youth you can find out about it here.

Next Steps with Kids

If you’ve got kids they’ll be able to enjoy special kids talks and stuff to do while you join in on online events.

Next Steps for Older Adults

Our older adults programs aim at keeping the mind, body, and spirit active.

Next Steps with Growth Groups

Growth Groups are groups of about 6-10 who meet weekly to help each other grow as Christians.

Why we are different

By 2021 we’re seeking to be a community prayerfully seeking God, actively sharing Jesus, growing more disciples of Jesus to see three thriving congregations who make a practical difference to Dalby, and seek the growth of the church across the Darling Downs and the World.


Following Jesus who calls us together to grow and go reach the world.

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Gathering on Sundays

Meeting in small groups

lord & Saviour

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